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Expedited Parenting Time Mediation Program

The Court has expanded the Family Mediation Program to allow further access to Family Mediators in North Dakota. This program was implemented to help resolve any parenting time disputes in cases that already have an Order in place, without the necessity of a pending motion. This expansion addresses two main concerns; the cost of modifying or enforcing an existing Order and the time frame that is involved in the formal motions process. The expanded mediation program is being provided without additional cost to a party, and is designed to require the mediation to occur within a few short days of the submitted online application.

In order to participate in the program, parties must submit a request for mediation. Please follow the link below. After receiving the form, the program administrator will assign a mediator, who will provide the parties with a selection of possible dates and times for the two-hour mediation session.


If the parties reach an agreement through the mediation, the mediator will prepare a written summary for the parties to sign noting all agreements made in the parties' own words.

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