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What is adoption? 
According to the North Dakota Department of Human Services website , "Adoption is a court action in which an adult assumes legal and other responsibilities for another, usually a minor. Many individuals seek to build or add to their families through adoption. Families of all kinds adopt children from newborns to teenagers, of every race and ethnicity, and from many countries around the world.

Can single people or non-traditional families adopt children in North Dakota? 

Yes according to the North Dakota Department of Human Services website section titled "Who Can Adopt?


  • Adoptive parents may be married or single, childless, or already parenting other children.

  • Having a disability does not automatically disqualify anyone from adopting a child; rather, agencies want to ensure that a prospective adoptive parent can care for a child and meet the child's needs throughout childhood.

  • Divorce or a history of marital or personal counseling does not automatically eliminate individuals as candidates.

  • People are not required to own their own homes or to have high incomes in order to give children what they need - permanence, stability, a lifetime commitment, and a chance to be part of a family.

  • Children do not need "perfect" parents. They need one or more caring and committed individuals who are willing to meet their needs and to incorporate them into a nurturing family environment.

  • Agencies placing children for adoption will discuss their specific eligibility regulations and placement options with prospective parents.


Adoption Questionaire

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